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braces n : an appliance that corrects dental irregularities [syn: brace]

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  1. A device for straightening teeth.
    Susy has to go to the dentist to see if she needs braces.
  2. handcuffs
    Yup, we put that dastardly villain in braces.
  3. The two keyboard symbols "."
    Use double braces to invoke a template in Wikipedia.
  4. (contruction - rare): Plural form of brace.
    The scaffolding is held up by a few braces.

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device for straightening teeth
The two keyboard symbols ""

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Construction and industrial arts

People with the surname Brace

  • Charles Loring Brace (1826-1890), a contributing philanthropist in the field of social reform
  • Jonathan Brace (1754-1837), a United States Representative from Connecticut
  • Julia Brace (1807-1884), a deaf and blind woman who learned tactile American Sign Language
  • Rick Brace, the current president of the CTV television network, a unit of CTVglobemedia
  • William Brace (1865 - 1947), a member of British Parliament and Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department

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